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Adam Price “Floorball Could Be Big in the United States”

Updated: August 28, 2018
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This past weekend we could find Adam Price at his first floorball event ever. He traveled from just outside Washington DC to Tomah, Wisconsin for the US National Championships where he played for Colorado as a free agent.

So how did you end up in Tomah at the US National Floorball Championships?
“I heard about floorball at about Christmas time and then I got a stick and this was the first tournament I got a chance to play in, it’s a lot of fun!” Says Adam Price.

How did you hear about floorball?
“I found it online. I was watching some YouTube videos and then I saw some highlights and it looked cool.”

And what made you make the trip all the way here?
“It was the only opportunity to play beyond pickup games and that is nothing like this.”

What do you think of playing at a big floorball tournament like this?
“It’s a blast! I really think floorball could be big in the United States because everyone who likes hockey would love floorball. It’s a lot of fun. I have always played hockey and this is the same but also very different and I really like soccer and I feel like this corelates well with soccer.”

You were also at the development camp, how was that?
“That was really good! That was my first real opportunity to play with a lot of people and I would recommend it to everyone. You guys put on a really good camp!”

Will we see you at more tournaments in the future?
“For sure, you definitely will!“ Says Adam Price.

Adam Price played as a free agent on the Colorado team that made it all the way to the final where they lost to Menlo Park.