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An American Floorball Referee in Sweden!

Updated: February 22, 2019
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Vince Faso, Director of U.S. Referees, has spent this week in Sweden refereeing floorball.

On the question of why an American would travel all the way to Sweden to reff floorball Vince Faso is clear.

“This is where the game is played the best, most intense level and highest level. Just a different game over here than we have in the states.” He says.

During his visit Vince has reffed with among other top IFF referee Thomas Andersson who tell us more about the visit.

“What you can get in Sweden is the possibility to ref many games, try different theories in practice and get the “miles” which is more difficult in the US. On Sunday we reffed four games, from 11-12-year olds to men’s division 4 and all games were different with different challenges. Between the games we discussed and tried different tactics and then reflected after the games.”

Thomas also reveals how things went for the American diving into Swedish floorball.

“As any ref Vince has strengths and weaknesses – so do I. What we discussed is between us but he is more than capable but still somewhat inexperienced to ref these kind of games. It takes time to adopt and get used to the environment but given the circumstances I think he did great and the response from the teams were great. They have a lot of interest and questions regarding Floorball in USA.”

Check out a full interview with Vince Faso bellow.