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An American in Sweden for Floorball!

Updated: September 21, 2019
2019 Motala Photo Tobias Josefsson

At the end of August the USWNT had a camp in Motala, Sweden. The camp was a part of the preparation for the coming World Floorball Championships. When the camp was over Fresno Floorball Club’s Kate MacBean stayed in Sweden.

“The Motala Camp went very well! We had a great turnout with so many great players. There was a lot of team bonding and we were able to get a good understanding of each other,” says Kate MacBean.

Goaltender Kate MacBean can usually be found in Fresno, California playing for the Fresno Floorball Club or at one of the floorball tournaments in the states. But for the next couple months you can find her in Motala in Sweden where she is staying with team manager Ann Lövgren.

2019 Motala Photo Tobias Josefsson

“I decided to move to Sweden to train for the WFC because I want to play the best I can. I love playing with my home club but we are limited on training time, so while I’m here I can play five days per week or more!” She tells us.

Making a move to Europe to play the sport you love in no small thing but MacBean’s friends and family have been very supportive even though some where understandably surprised by the move.

“My parents are amazing and are quite jealous of this opportunity. I have been sending them quite a few photos of what I’ve been up to! I hope they can come visit me while I’m here.”

Why would an American move to Europe to play a sport hardly anyone recognizes?

“I think floorball is great, it’s been a lot of fun to learn a new, but similar, sport to hockey and continue developing my goaltending skills in a different way.”

2019 Motala Photo Tobias Josefsson

Although the main goal of the move is to be the best floorballer she can be, moving to a new country is also a great experience. A lot of her days are mostly spent biking to different places around town.

But floorball is the main reason for the move. Many of her days are spent working out during the days and practicing floorball in the evenings. The coming months she will have a chance to play floorball five days a week or more with the Solfjäderstaden IBK women’s junior team and men’s B team.

“I expect to gain a great amount of experience with this move. After just one week and a few practices, I’ve talked to so many other goalies and goalie coaches. I’m already developing a better sense of myself in the net as far as positioning and movements, all of which will help me with the WFC in December.”

2019 Motala Photo Tobias Josefsson

The 7th to 15th of December the best floorballers in the world will gather in Neuchâtel in Switzerland for the 12th Women’s World Floorball Championships and Kate MacBean has high expectations.

“My expectations for the coming WFC are to have a strong team and to attain the best ranking possible,” she says.

As for floorball’s future in the US she is optimistic!

“Floorball is definitely growing, but it’s difficult when our country is so large. I think the more tournaments we play, the easier it is to get clubs in different states together and we can share our growth of the sport. New clubs are popping up in different states which is great to see!“

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Photos by Tobias Josefsson