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  • 2019-08-04 SHORT USNationalsInterviewMatthewYonai.00_00_12_14.Still001

    Matthew Yonai “An amazing tournament”

    North Texas’ Matthew Yonai practices floorball every day on his own and in the final interview of the US Nationals he tells us about the tournament, floorball in Texas and what...

  • USNationalsDay1TaraNunezInterview.00_00_24_22.Still001

    Tara Nunez “Can’t be afraid to blow the whistle”

    Tara Nunez was one of the people working behind the scenes as well as on the court during the US Nationals. We talk about playing, reffing and the future of floorball...

  • 2019-08-02 Interview Lukas BUSNationalsDCamp.00_00_55_06.Still002

    Lukas Brandon “Floorball is my favorite sport”

    Triangle Floorball Club’s Lukas Brandon was at the development camp and gives us his impressions. We also talk about floorball’s future in the states as well as the upcoming World Games...

  • SHORT USNationalsDay1InterviewsKeeneA.00_00_14_14.Still001

    Keene Addington “The atmosphere is unbelievable!”

    Chicago’s Keene Addington gives us his input on the US Nationals at the State Games of America. He also talks about how he is trying to reach out to the Blackhawks...

  • USNationalsFinal_MenlovsNorthTexas 752

    Watch the Final of the US Nationals!

    Check out the floorball final between North Texas and Menlo Park at the US National Championships played at the State Games of America in Lynchburg, Virginia the 4th of August, 2019....

  • Website2USNationalsFinal_MenlovsNorthTexas 798

    Texas Dominate US Nationals!

    This weekend the US Nationals took place at the State Games of America in Lynchburg, Virginia, and two teams from Texas took home the gold! A longer article from the weekend...

  • USNationalsDay1InterviewsKatieB.00_01_36_02.Still001

    Katie Brown “Love floorball”

    RVA Floorball’s Katie Brown tells us about her love for floorball and how awesome it is to have floorball at the State Games of America in Lynchburg, Virginia.

  • USNationalsDay1InterviewsLindsayK.00_00_46_24.Still001

    Lindsey Kling “It’s definitely growing”

    During the US Nationals at the State Games of America we hear from Team USA player Lindsey Kling about the event, floorball’s future in the states and more.

  • US NationalsPlayoffs 069

    At least Ten Teams in the Elite Division of the US Nationals!

    So far ten teams have signed up for the elite division of the US Nationals played at the State Games of America in Lynchburg, Virginia this August. And teams can still sign...

  • USAFbVinceFasosmall 042

    Vince Faso is Stepping Down to Step Up!

    Vince Faso and Sean Edin have been nominated as IFF referees. This is a great step forward for USA Floorball but to maintain eligibility and increase his focus Vince Faso will...

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