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California State Floorball Championship 2018

Updated: May 10, 2018

California State Floorball Championship 2018

It is time for the annual California State championship in Fresno.
All teams are invited to compete against the best, in the west!


May 26, 2018


Kastner Intermediate School
7676 N First Street
Fresno, CA 93720


$60/ Individual


May 19, 2018

Contact Info:

Zac Costi
(559) 496-9632

General Information:

The tournament offers 1 adult co-ed division.

Tournament fee:

Team registration fee $500.00 (Max 16 player roster)
Individual players or teams without a full roster are welcome to contact us and we will
do our best to help get you connected.

Registration Deadlines:

Registration and $100.00 Deposit due: Monday, May 7. Non refundable
This date is crucial for us to plan for venue, awards and volunteers etc.
Registration fee balance due: Monday May 14.

How to register:

Send e-mail to: Zcost11@gmail.com stating your team’s intent to attend.
In return you will receive:
Registration confirmation.
Registration invoice you pay online using paypal or credit card.
Roster form
Player Liability Waiver form


We will have 2-3 USA Floorball certified referees to to referee ALL games.
Compensation is $100.00-200.00 per referee depending on the number of games.
* You need to be “Qualified” or Certified. Check with Vince Faso at USFbA.
* You can’t play in the tournament.
* You must commit to share the workload equally with the other referees.

The goal is to provide 2 Qualified/Certified Referees for each game.
IF we are unable to do so each team is required to provide referees.
Team provided referees will be compensated $7.00 per game.

Insurance requirement and waiver:

USA Floorball individual player membership requirement.
Teams (incl all players & staff) and referees or any other persons involved in games played must sign a waiver. Anyone who does not submit/sign a waiver will not be allowed to participate in the games in any way.
Spectators excluded from this requirement.

Tournament Start Time:


Team Managers and referees are required to show up no later than 30 min before the start of the first game and submit as needed. Waivers and Final Roster update.

Length of game:

Each game consist of Two fifteen minute periods (2×15 min) with a 2 minute Intermission.
Time Out: Each team has one 30 second timeout per game.
All games are played with running time. Time is stopped only.
1. If the referee directs time to be stopped.
2. At stoppage of play during the last 2 minutes if the score is within 2 goals.

Tournament Layout:
Round Robin and play off. All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 4 games.

Round Robin:
Each game is worth 2 points.
If tied at full-time each team get 1 point.

Play-off may consist of quarter finals, semi finals, a 3rd place game and a final.
Final play-off format will be decided when the number of teams attending is known.
If a play-off game is tied at full-time a 5 minute sudden death period will take place immediately.
If still tied after the 5 minute sudden death period a shoot out will follow to determine the winner. Shoot out will include 3 opportunities per team, followed by 1 opportunity per team until a winner is decided.

Game rules
Each team is allowed 5 players and 1 goalie on the rink at a time.
Games will be played according to the international floorball federation rule book.
Each game will have 2 referees.
For any further information please e-mail Zac Costi at: Zcost11@gmail.com (559) 496-9632