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Club rankings going into the Golden Gate Cup!

Updated: November 7, 2021
2021-08-29 USNationalsGme26_FinalMenlovsCHI 334

For the past 3 years an official USA Floorball ranking system has been used based on performance at any of the USA Floorball sanctioned tournaments. Here are the rankings going into the Golden Gate Cup!

Final rankings for 2021 GGC, based on registrations and rankings:
1. Chicago Dogs
2. Menlo Park
3. Utah
4. SoCal
5. Colorado
6. USA MU19
7. Fresno Force B
8. Chicago Mad Dogs (B)

You can see the full rankings in the image below.

Interesting to note that NTFA and Chicago remain ahead of Menlo Park due to the fact they have played in one more tournament than Menlo Park has. If Menlo Park had played in as many tournaments, they would be first. Chicago offsets their 4th place finish in Texas last spring by coming to the extra event.

The Golden Gate Cup will take place the 13th-14th of November 2021 at the Silver Creek Sports Plex.

You will be able to follow the Golden Gate Cup via Esportsdesk here.

2021-11-07 USATeamranking