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Golden Gate Cup 2018 update 10/21/18

Updated: October 22, 2018

We are getting closer to the first game of the highly anticipated Golden Gate Cup 2018! We are very excited t o host this 8th edition of the annual Golden Gate Cup Championship.

It is a very combative field with primary California teams. We have three teams competing this year, who previously won the US National Floorball Championship.
We had to close the registration for GGC today, since we do not have the capacity to handle more teams on one rink, at the Silver Creek Sports Plex.When we had 8 teams registered we floated the idea of a one day tournament only.
This was well received by all teams but is at this point impossible to do.

We are hereby confirming the initial plans and schedule, especially since we have 10 teams registered and confirmed. We have no other choice then to run the tournament for 2 days.
You can see all registered teams here: https://admin.esportsdesk.com/leagues/teams.cfm?leagueID=29510&clientID=6519

We have attached a preliminary schedule in PDF format, based on 10 teams. No further email communication will be sent via email in regards to the schedule, the final schedule will be posted at:

Each team is ranked based on the previous 3 years placement at the US Nationals, Golden Gate Cup and CA State Championship.
This is to make both groups equally competitive and ensure the top ranked teams do not play each other until the playoffs.Group A
1San Francisco

Group B
1Menlo Park
4St. Paul

1. The first game of the tournament is at 8AM Saturday, Nov 10.
2. All games on Saturday are scheduled to be completed no later than 9:30PM
3. The first Playoff game on Sunday, Nov 11 starts at 9AM.
4. The last and final game of the tournament is scheduled to be completed no later than 2pm Sunday, Nov 11.
5. See attached PDF of preliminary schedule. FYI, this can be changed and latest version will be maintained at:


Because of limitations and rink time available at Silver Creek Sports Plex, only the top 3 teams from each division will advance to playoffs on Sunday, Nov 11th.
All rosters has to be completed and updated at esportsdesk.com by the mandatory Registrations meeting at Silver Creek Sports Plex 19:00.
Any team that has a player who is not listed on the esportsdesk.com team roster at game start will be given a 2min match penalty and the affected player will also not be able to participate until corrected.
The registration meeting is to ensure all teams rosters are compliant and final. It is also a process to ensure all players are licensed and insured.
Anyone attending the Registrations meeting receive free beer and Pizza. This is also a great opportunity to socialize with other Floorball players from other clubs in California and out of state clubs.Awards:
All players on the top three teams will receive neck ribbion medals for winning Gold, Silver or Bronze at the 2018 Golden Gate Cup.
Individual Awards will be given after the final game, in the following categories:
1. MVP
2. Most Points
3. Most Goals
4. Best Goalie
5. Most inspirational play/player/players

Download GoldenGateCup2018_Schedule_Ver1.1Questions or concerns:
Contact Calle Karlsson directly:
Phone:(408) 206-7204
Email: Calle@usfba.org