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Women’s 2021 WFC Players and Staff


2021 Women's US National Floorball Team & Staff

2021 Women’s US National Floorball Team & Staff

Team USA placed 12th at the December 2021 World Floorball Championships which took place in Uppsala, Sweden. This marked the first WFC with new coaching staff Daniel and Nicklas Dalbjer.

Organizers are planning a training camp in Texas at the beginning of 2022 for all interested female players. For more information please reach out to General Manager Alyssa Zinsser.



Number      |     Name     |     Position   

#2 Suzanne Lindquist Forward

#6 Victoria Olivas Forward

#8 Marie Häggström  Forward

#9 Natasha Hansen Forward

#10 Michelle Linhart Forward

#11 Jenna Hausman Defender

#12 Nora Aalto Defender

#13 Lexie Carlino Defender

#18 Gabriela Lindström Defense

#21 Kajsa Krohn Forward

#25 Christine Lindberg Forward

#31 Kate MacBean Goalkeeper

#35 Cassandra Troy Goalkeeper

#41 Kimberly Campbell Forward

#57 Selma Johansson Forward

#63 Adelia Pennisi Forward


Staff Name                   Team function

Ann Lövgren                    Team Manager

Daniel Dalbjer                 Head Coach

Nicklas Dalbjer               Assistant Coach

Joans Karlsson               Equipment Manager

Katerina Nemeckova      Masseur

Sabina Bäckström           Nurse

Alyssa Zinsser Hall        General Manager