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Stefan Hedlund back as assistant coach for the USMNT!

Updated: January 24, 2021
Stefan Hedlund at the World Floorball Championships Qualifier in 2018

Stefan Hedlund, who was formerly the head coach of the US men’s national team, has now signed on to return and take on a role as assistant coach.

“The year 2018, after nine years as head coach, I really felt it was time to step down. It was time to give the men’s team a new voice, a new direction and give the new generation from the U19 a bigger part of the team and reward the hard work Joel put in for several years as head coach and developer of the U19. I can’t deny that I have missed working around the team since then and that’s why it really feels like it’s great to return after three years to a renewed and rebuilt national team and contribute again,” says Stefan Hedlund.

Joel Olofsson has been helming both the men and the U19-men the last couple years and looks forward to Stefan Hedlund returning to assist him on the men’s team.

“It feels good to have Stefan back again. I think we both feel that we want revenge for the loss in the last qualifier. It will be good to have all of Stefan experience back on the team,” says head coach Joel Olofsson.

The exact details of Hedlund’s role as assistant coach are still being worked on but he is eager to get started.

“I will give Joel a second opinion about players, tactics, practices and so on that I know is appreciated and important for a head coach. I will be an extra coach so we can widen the staffs coaching- and development tasks. A more detailed role distribution will be set soon,“ Stefan Hedlund continues.

As for taking a step back to becoming an assistant coach after so many years of helming the team there is no doubt that Hedlund will be suited for the role.

“Being the assistant coach feels spot on! The team needed a remake and restart back in 2018! I have seen what Joel wants and what he has created and I want to support his visions for the national team in every aspect. In my civilian work and in floorball it ”has just happened” that I become head coach or head manager but in my personality and leadership style I evaluate myself as being really well suited for an assistant role,” Stefan Hedlund concludes.

Up next for the men’s team is hopefully a training camp at the US Nationals this summer but a lot remains uncertain. If you think you could contribute on the men’s national team read more here.

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