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Team USA Squad for the World Games!

Updated: March 9, 2017
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Team USA will be facing Sweden and Switzerland in the group stage of the World games. And now we are proud to be able to announce the squad that will represent USA Floorball at the upcoming World Games in Wroclaw, Poland.

─ It is the first time that a US national team of floorball will face a top three nations. We have previously (2012) faced the Czech Republic, but now it will be both eight time champions Sweden and Switzerland who have ten straight semifinals at the World Championships. A chance to face the elite of floorball, to see and learn, build experience – but above all to show that the United States is a nation to be reckoned with in the future! Says head coach Stefan Hedlund.

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On Thursday the 27th of July Team USA will face Switzerland at 5:30 p.m. local time and then on Friday the 28th of July at 12 p.m. local time USA will play against Sweden. Tickets to the World Games can be secured here.

The staff at the World Games will be General Manager Adam Troy, Team Manager Janne Svensson, Head Coach Stefan Hedlund and Assistant Coach Vince Faso.

The players representing USA at the World Games are:

Alexander Granvald
Alexander McVey
Alexander Miller
Fabian Länzlinger
Keven Glanzmann
Mattias Hansen
Maurin Rüegg
Michael Binder
Mikko Vähä-Vahe
Raphael Möri
Reed Hearns
Robin Brown
Stefan Zimmermann
Terence Frank