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Team USA Wins the first Qualifier 9-5 against Canada

Updated: February 4, 2017
adelia wfcq 2017

Even if the score indicates a rather solid victory for Team USA in this the first game of two in the qualification series, the reality was a rather tight game where Canada several times replied back on the advances made by Team USA. Canada was able to both equalize the game early on, as well as take on an early lead, and moved up from 5-2 to 5-4, before team USA was able to seal the victory.

“This is not over yet by far”, says Anne Jumppanen Head Coach for Team USA. She continues, “This is a series of two games, and the game tomorrow may play out very different, so we can not take this Victory as granted. There are so many areas we still must improve at in our own game and I was not happy at all with our first period of the game.”

Doubtless did the Canadian’s play an aggressive and lightning fast form of Floorball that forced the American team to utilize its resources in the most efficient way.
After team USA scored the first goal, Canada responded fairly quickly to 1-1, and increased the lead for team Canada to 2-1. However, it was Team USA that answered back to this in a confident way to score five straight goals to end up with a lead of 5-2.  Canada was however not done by this and came back to the score 5-4 in favor of team USA. At this point however the weight of the US American team increased the goal production and the final score became 9-5.
Christine Lindberg was selected US player of the game after scoring four goals and two assists. Many players on Team USA did play well over their standard performance, and this is what must continue for another day, as the second leg of this competition takes place today.