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The Plan is Set for the US Men’s National Team!

Updated: August 6, 2021
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After a year of cancelled events we now looked ahead to an intense time with a number of important events for the US Men’s National team of Floorball. Time to look at the events and the selection plan.

Although we feel confident that we will be able to complete the events according to plan there is always the risk plans will need to be adjusted so have that in mind and be patient and prepared.

We will kick things off with a development camp prior to the US Nationals at the end of August in Birmingham, Alabama. Although not solely for the men’s team, it will be open to all, we have been hoping that Men and U19 men’s head coach Joel Olofsson would run it but this seems unlikely but it will still be a good opportunity to hone your skills and get seen, read more here.

After this we have three big events coming up:
- The World Floorball Championships in Helsinki, Finland the 3rd-11th of December with a precamp the 30th of November to 3rd of December.
- World Floorball Championship Qualifiers against Canada in February 2022 in the US.
- The World Games in Birmingham, Alabama the 7th to 17th of July, 2022

And then hopefully in December 2022 yet another WFC but will be dependent on the outcome of the qualifier.

As these events run so close to each other we will be looking at somewhat of a parallel selection process. Although each event will be used to evaluate players for subsequent events it is also possible to be selected to say the WFCQ in 2022 even if you weren’t selected for the WFC 2021 even if some of the selection for WFCQ 2022 might be before the WFC 2021 has been played.

We have set some deadlines that we will work against to try to give selected players enough time to plan for the events. These dates represent the latest dates we hope to have the final teams, including reserves set.

- 2021 WFC team set by 26th of September 2021
- 2022 WFCQ team set as soon as possible in March.
- 2022 World Games set as soon as possible after the WFCQ in the end of April.

How can you get selected to the men’s national team for any of the events?
Be aware that you must be a U.S. citizen with a valid passport at the time of the event and that all players pay their own expenses as well as part of the team’s expenses. We are always looking for sponsors to try to lower costs. If you have any contacts in this area feel free to contact GM Adam Troy at adam@usfba.org.

Then make sure you have filled in the form here.

We are always trying to get scouting reports from knowledgeable people at tournaments all over the states, when they are played, but this is not always easy to attain. Therefore it is great if you can get someone knowledgeable to email us a scouting report, which we also realize is not always easy.

Another good way to show us your skills is simply to film yourself playing floorball, upload to for instance YouTube, making it only visible to those who have access to the link, and send us the link. Note when filming yourself, a phone camera works, try to do floorball drills as game like as possible i.e in motion.

Finally you can also email us general updates about your progress, training schedule and how you feel you are doing.

We are looking for a wide variety of skilled floorball players that are ready to dedicate themselves to the team and its success. This pool of players is ever growing larger and the competition for spots on the national teams are just getting tougher, as it should be, but work hard and a spot may well be within reach!

If you have general questions about the US Men’s national floorball team feel free to email general manager Adam Troy at adam@usfba.org.

If you have training specific questions feel free to email Head Coach Joel Olofsson at joel.olofsson@usfba.org

Email the links and scouting reports to Head Coach Joel Olofsson and cc General Manager Adam Troy.