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Time to Plan for Floorball!

Updated: May 14, 2021

Finally we can present our Floorball calendar for this year and we have high hopes it will hold.

After the unprecedented disruptions and massive cancellation of all sports due to the COVID-19 virus, is the US ready to start playing games again, even in closed arenas? How risk-averse are we as a Floorball nation? As a sport, how can we reduce the uncertainty and impact of COVID-19 in Floorball?

With vaccinations continuing to improve the safety of our players, USA Floorball has come to a consensus that it’s time to get back in business and restart tournaments across the United States.

Plans have been drawn and our plan is to run the following events in parallel with other global IFF events. It is almost impossible to run our own calendar without avoiding scheduling conflicts with global Floorball events, so unfortunately some of our events will unavoidably overlap.

Youth Nationals 2021
First out is our Youth Nationals in Utah, June 18 – 19.
Please contact Amy Liechty for details: amyliechty8@yahoo.com
Registration here: https://secure.esportsdesk.com/login.cfm?leagueID=29509&clientID=6519&regEventID=49179

US Nationals 2021
The next event on our calendar is the US Adult Nationals in Birmingham, AL August 27 – 29.This event will also serve as the dress rehearsal for Floorball at the World Games 2022.  This event is being held in conjunction with NTFA, IFF and TWG Birmingham.
Registration here: https://secure.esportsdesk.com/login.cfm?leagueID=29509&clientID=6519&regEventID=49188


It is shaping up to be a Floorball festival with the first ever youth National Street Floorball 3v3, played outside the arena. This event will be held where the Adult US Nationals will also be played: Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC).
Register here: https://secure.esportsdesk.com/login.cfm?leagueID=29509&clientID=6519&regEventID=49189


Golden Gate Cup 2021
The annual elite tournament is back on the calendar after the COVID-19 interruption and will be broadcasted on ESPN+. As usual, GGC will host the best referees in the world as well as the best teams in US. This year the teams will be competing for a $1,000 award, which will go to the winning team in each category: Elite and Youth. Registration is TBA.


2021 Competitions                  Planned date               Location

US Youth Nationals 2021       June 18 – 19                  Utah
US Nationals 2021                  Aug 27 -29                     Birmingham, AL
MU19 WFC 2021                     Aug 25 -29                     Brno, Czech Republic
WU19 WFC 2021                     Sep 2 – 6                         Uppsala, Sweden
Golden Gate Cup                     Nov 12 – 14                     San Jose, CA
Women WFC 2021                  Nov 27 – Dec 5              Uppsala, Sweden
Men WFC 2021                        Dec 4 – 12                       Helsinki, Finland
Men WFCQ Americas 2022  Feb 2022                        Orlando, FL
TWG 2022                               July 7 – 17                       Birmingham, AL