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Top 5 Performers at the US Nationals!

Updated: September 2, 2018

Who doesn’t love some stats? We have compiled the top five performance in several categories as well as some other stats from the US Nationals 2018 in Tomah, check them out!

Final Standings US Nationals 2018
1. Menlo Park FBC
2. Colorado Floorball
3. Minneapolis FBC
5. Tomah FBC
6. USA MU19
7. USA Women
8. St. Paul Growlers

US Nationals 2018 MVP Award:
Sean Yoch Minneapolis

US Nationals 2018 – Top 5 goals
1 Sami Lehkonen Menlo Park 10G
2 Sean Yoch Minneapolis 8G
3 Andreas Sivert Menlo Park 7G
4 Brian Lam Minneapolis 7G
5 Jakob Zaiac NTFA 6G

US Nationals 2018 – Top 5 points
1 Sean Yoch Minneapolis 13p
2 Sebastian Romanowski NTFA 12p
3 Derek Moser Tomah 11P
4 Dan Torreta NTFA 10p
4 Sami Lehkonen Menlo Park 10p
5 Josh Moser Tomah 9p
5 Andreas Sivert Menlo Park 9p
5 Brian Lam Minneapolis 9p
5 Jakob Zaiac NTFA 9p

US Nationals 2018 – Top 5 Assists
1 Dan Torreta NTFA 8A
2 Sebastian Romanowski NTFA 7A
3 Martin Ringvold Menlo Park 6A
3 Derek Moser Tomah 6A
4 Sean Yoch Minneapolis 5A
4 Per Jander Minneapolis 5A
5 Josh Moser Tomah 4A
5 Jesse Mattson Colorado 4A
5 Calle Karlsson Colorado 4A
5 Andreas Johansson Menlo Park 4A
5 Henrik Eriksson Menlo Park 4A

Goalie save percent – 0.854%
Olof Sylvén Minneapolis

Goalie goals against – 6 goals
Daniel Vik   Menlo Park

Goalie most saves – 78
Kate MacBean-Valverde USA W