Supporting the growth of Floorball in the United States.

Referee corner

Referees are an important part of floorball. The USFbA is committed to helping raise the quality and training of officiating in the United States, and offer any assistance that local clubs need. Here are some suggestions from the USFbA concerning referees at the local club level:

During Pick-Up games:
Encourage players with any referee experience/training to practice and hone their skills by refereeing during pickup games. It will not only help the referee, but will also help raise the level of play and help newer players learn the rules so there are no surprises at tournaments.

During Leagues:
If your club has a league than you understand how valuable referees are. The ideal situation is to have dedicated referees who are not also players. This may be difficult to achieve at first, but will be very important in the long run. Referees in a league should be compensated appropriately. Options include per game, per week, or a seasonal stipend. Every league’s financial situation is different but the amount should be enough to cover any transportation and should make the official feel that their time is valued. Some examples $10/game; $20/week; $200/season.
It also important to include a director of officials (or some similar title) in the league’s organizational structure. This person/people will be responsible for scheduling, payment, evaluation, overall league discipline.

Each game within a USFbA sanctioned tournament should have referees that have been trained by the USFbA or the IFF, or other international floorball association. The goal is for sanctioned tournaments to have dedicated referees who are not participating in the same event as a player* **. How many dedicated referees should you have? Three is an ideal number that allows consistency, as well as adequate breaks. (An exhausted referee is a useless referee.)
Tournament organizers show their respect and support for their officials by paying a respectable amount per game of at least $10/game or $100-$150/day.

* A referee with very little experience is allowed to officiate a game provided that the second official is a licensed referee acknowledged by the USFbA.

** USFbA Tournaments should have an official/organizer who is not a player to handle and oversee scheduling, communication with team captains and venue contacts.

Basic Referee Material

Quick Overview of Basic Rules


Level 1 Referee

A beginning referee who has completed at least one (1) referee development course is classified as a Level 1 Referee.

A Level 1 Referee may officiate games on a recreation or youth level either in a league or tournament. They may officiate a higher level game alongside a higher level referee (2 or above)

Level 1 Referees are expected to read and be familiar with the official Floorball Rulebook (Rules of the Game Edition 2014)

Level 1 Referees may be compensated for their work by a club or tournament organizers if possible.

Level 2 Referee

Requirements for becoming a Level 2 Referee:

  • Officiate a minimum 20 games as a Level 1 Referee
  • Participate in at least one additional referee training course
  • Be observed by a USA Floorball representative
  • Pass the USA Floorball Level 2 Referee exam

Upon reaching Level 2 status, a USA Floorball referee uniform will be available for purchase at a discounted rate.

Level 2 Referees are entitled to compensation for their work by the club or tournament organizers.

To maintain status as a certified Level 2 Referee:

  • Officiate a minimum 20 games per calendar year
  • Participate in at least one referee training course per year

It is the responsibility of USA Floorball to assist all Referees (Levels 1 and 2) by providing opportunities to attend trainings and provide constructive observations when available.

  1. To take the Level 2 exam, set up a time with Vince Faso, USA Floorball Director of Referees. Participants are allowed 10 minutes to complete the test and must receive a score of at least 16/20.