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USA Floorball announces the Women’s U19 Coaching Staff

Updated: May 16, 2014
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USA Floorball intends to attend the Women’s U19 World Floorball Championships in Belleville, Canada.  The tournament takes place in May 2016 and this will be USA’s premiere Women’s U19 National Floorball Team.

USA Floorball is the governing body of Floorball in the USA recognized by the International Floorball Federation, IFF.  The Federation works with the intention to have Floorball as an Olympic sport within the near future.

In order to make the 7th Women’s U19 Championships a roaring success for the U.S.A., Ms. Karen Thatcher has been appointed the team’s Head Coach.  She has a proven track record of coaching hockey teams.  In addition to having an extensive background as a sports trainer and instructor, Ms. Thatcher was a member of the 2010 silver medal winning US Olympic Team.  She is educated at Providence College and will soon begin her educational work towards a doctorate in physical therapy.

Mr. Calle Karlsson, President at USA Floorball states; “Ms. Thatcher has a long quality experience from Ice Hockey and a coaching background that will benefit the WU19 National Floorball team in its strive to show USA and the World how it can perform at the World Floorball Championship level.”

Ms. Thatcher says: “I am humble to take on this assignment.  I fully recognize the many similarities between Hockey and Floorball.  Even if we may not expect to win the World Floorball Championship in Canada 2016, our aim is not only to put forth a highly competitive team but also to put down the very first foundation for quality Floorball in the USA.  This youth team has the ability to write an important chapter of sports history in our country.  I see this nomination as a demanding challenge and I will diligently work to form the best possible U19 Floorball team ever created on US soil.”

Furthermore, in order to support the Head Coach with solid Floorball experience, Susana Donofry of Fairbanks, Alaska and Jyri Koivisto of Houston, Texas; both have been appointed to the role of Assistant Coach.

Jyri has a strong Floorball background; a Master’s from University of Jyvaskyla, Finland and is the founder of the Houston Floorball Club.  Susana is a field player on the Women’s Floorball National Team and has a strong background in field hockey.  She has a nursing degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s degree in counseling from the University of Alaska. She is also the founder of Fairbanks Floorball which organizes an adult league and youth programs in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Brandee Gomez of Austin, Texas, will take on the very important role of Goaltending Coach.  Brandee’s background is also from the Women’s National Team where she plays in the goal.  She is a lifelong ice hockey goal tender for 17 years.  She is also the creator and organizer of the Southwest Invitational Floorball Tournament (SWIFT).

For further information, please contact Anders Buvarp at anders@usfba.org.