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USA Floorball Summit a Success!

Updated: July 3, 2018
2018-07-01 USA Floorball Summit

This past weekend a large number of people dedicated to growing the game of floorball in the US gathered in Texas to discuss the future of the sport. The summit resulted in several things for the USA Floorball board to address at their next meeting and beyond.

“This was an enormous step forward for floorball in the US and may well lead to an overhaul of how USA Floorball is organized. We want to thank the organizers and everyone who took time to come and share their ideas” says USA Floorball President Calle Karlsson.

The summit gathered people from all over the states and even had some international participation.

Among the subjects broached were membership benefits, insurance, player development, national teams, coaching development, the structure of USA Floorball, and more.

“There were several items addressed that will need our immediate attention and will be discussed at our coming board meeting. It was great to see a large part of the USA Floorball community come together for the good of floorball in the US,” he continues.

Another issue discussed was the coming World Games in Birmingham in 2021, an event that is a potential stepping stone to the Olympics, a dream shared by the entire floorball world.

“We have an amazing opportunity to showcase floorball at the World Games in Birmingham and the goal is to make it the best floorball tournament to date” president Calle Karlsson concludes.

The USA Floorball Summit is the start of something big for everyone in the USA Floorball community. This is the main place to voice your suggestions and get noticed by everyone involved with USA Floorball.

If you have ideas and want to be involved with USA Floorball, your next big chance to step up and be part of the future of floorball will be at the Nationals in Tomah, Wisconsin, the 24-26th of August. Further information will be posted when available.

You can also find the USA Floorball Summit on Facebook as a group. Additionally, you can read the minutes from the summit here.

Inaugural USA Floorball Summit attendees

  • Darryl Gross (Floorball Planet; Grassroots organizer)
  • Jukka Kotti (Floorball Planet; Youth Development/grassroots organizer)
  • Calle Karlsson – USA Floorball President
  • Adam Troy – USA Floorball Executive Director; Founder of USA Floorball (Sweden);
  • Vince Faso – USA Floorball Director of Referees. Men’s Team Assistant coach (California)
  • Anders Buvarp – USA Floorball Board Member (Colorado)
  • Brij Singh- (U. of Michigan; Men’s U-19)
  • Cael Sprute – (Minneapolis)
  • Dan Torretta – (Floorball Planet; North Texas Floorball Association)
  • Jonathan Keener – (North Texas Floorball Association; Referee)
  • Patrick Jesue – (Detroit; USA Hockey Coaching Education program; floorball: Women’s U-19)
  • Richard Hedlind (Discover Floorball, Colorado).
  • Sam Zhou – Equipment manufacturer (Accufli)
  • Jeanne Murdock Lawrence (Active soccer referee; Texas)
  • Mark Raup (Austin Floorball League Coordinator; Referee)
  • Bobby Nodea (Austin Floorball Head Referee)
  • Brian Radichel (North Texas Floorball President; Referee)
  • Tara Nuñez (North Texas Floorball Vice President; Referee)
  • Matt Nuñez (North Texas Floorball)
  • Johan Gustavsson (North Texas Floorball)