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Vince Faso is Stepping Down to Step Up!

Updated: June 23, 2019
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Vince Faso and Sean Edin have been nominated as IFF referees. This is a great step forward for USA Floorball but to maintain eligibility and increase his focus Vince Faso will be stepping down from his role as assistant coach for the US Men’s National Team.

“Sean Edin and I are thrilled at having been nominated as international referees by the IFF Central Board through 2020. We look forward to continuing to gain experience internationally and learning from some of the best referees in the game,” USA Floorball head of referees Vince Faso said.

Vince Faso has a long history with the national team. First as a player and then as a coach but over the years his focus has turned to officiating. He has excelled in both roles but now the time has come to focus on the officiating.

“Personally, it gives me great pleasure to have opportunities to visit floorball clubs around the country and train and inspire and educate future generations of USA Floorball referees. Though we may be a relatively small contingent, never has the state of officiating in the US been as strong as it is now, and it will keep growing thanks to the work of hardworking refs across the country who are raising the bar for what it means to be a floorball referee.”

Stepping down from his position working with the US Men’s National Team, though bittersweet, was an easy decision.

“The future of floorball in the United States will depend on our ability to train referees and game leaders, and that’s where I’m needed most and where I can make the biggest difference in the floorball world.”