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WFCQ and Texas Open update!

Updated: March 18, 2022
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The Men’s World Floorball Championship Qualification (WFCQ) 2022 is coming to Fort Worth, Texas and will be played in conjunction with the Texas Open and there a lot of exciting things in the works.

Only one team will advance from the WFCQ 2022 to the WFC in Switzerland November 2022, making this a very important event for our Men’s National team! We need the entire Floorball community in Fort Worth, TX to support and cheer on our guys against Team Canada for these two games. Both games will be played at the TCU campus:

Friday, April 29th                7pm.
Saturday, April 30th               7pm

This is shaping up to be a massive Floorball event since we are hosting this at the beautiful TCU campus, and we will finally get to play on the highly anticipated Olympic standard Floorball surface from Gerflor. With Team Canada and IFF onsite for this event, there is a much larger Floorball presence than ever before.

There will also be media presence, both games are broadcasted live on ESPN+ and DFW local media is coming out to cover the event. NBC,CBS, FOX and other local media have also been invited.

Country singer Robin English will perform each countries National Anthem, Texas style.


More details and specific information on the WFCQ schedule will follow soon.


For a very short time window, we will also reopen the sale of the much-anticipated custom Fan Jersey for friends and family to support our team in style.


Take advantage and get a replica of the beautiful National team Jersey with your own name and number for only $70. All proceeds will go directly to support our national team players.

These jerseys are normally not available for purchase, but we have decided to authorize this just for the WFCQ. If you want a replica jersey contact: Calle@usfba.org before March 25 with your size, number and name to fully customize for yourself, friends or family members.

Texas Open 2022:

The USA Floorball sanctioned tournament will be played the same weekend and in the same venue as the WFCQ and on the Gerflor surface that we will be borrowing from The World Games in Birmingham and the IFF.

We will have the honor of having the official IFF referees helping out during Texas Open and the first game of the tournament will begin on Friday(April 29) at 12PM to accommodate scheduling for the two WFCQ games against Canada. Since there is only one venue, and our tournament schedule will need to be interrupted by the WFCQ games, the limit for the Texas Open is 12 teams.

We already have 7 teams pre-registered so make sure to get your team registered ASAP at: esportsdesk.com before we run out of spots.

Registration is open at:


Social events:

As a part of the Texas Open we are running to social events for people to have fun outside the Floorball rink.

The first event is on Wednesday evening April 27th and the NHL hockey game between Dallas stars and Arizona Coyotes at the America Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

The USA National Floorball teams and Team Canada has already signed up to participate in this event. Get a chance to know the guys on the respective national team and join the group. Get your tickets from Darryl Gross: darryl@ntfa.us

Our second event is the: USA Floorball Socializer and Awards event at the Hyatt Place TCU large conference room at 9 pm on Saturday after the second game of the WFCQ. We have a few updates for the Floorball grass-roots community and special recognition awards. Please signup directly with calle@usfba.org and get a chance to win a free USA Fan jersey and other Floorball equipment.


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