Supporting the growth of Floorball in the United States.

Start your own group


If you can’t find a place to play floorball nearby and you want to start your own group, there are a few easy steps to take:

1. Find a facility – This is likely the most challenging. Contact your local YMCA, school, church or athletics facility to see if they have available time slots for your group. Make sure that you understand the cost, rules, insurance and any other obligations. Become a USA Floorball Association Member (both individually and as a team) so that the USA Floorball Association can assist you with any questions or challenges you may encounter as well as promote the fact a new floorball group is coming to life.

2. Equipment – Purchase enough sticks so that every player can have a stick and a few extras for those new to the game players who might be interested. For goals, consider getting an IFF approved set. If you don’t have goalies, you can use Shooter Tutors or similar to make the goal scoring more challenging.

3. Promote your event – Let us know about your event so that we can post it on our mapping tool and broadcast it through our social media channels. You should so the same through your social media channels. Make sure to set up a system so that attendees can be notified of rules, attendance, game status, cost, special directions and any other particulars.

4. Good times – Play, have a great time. Take pictures and post to social media and be sure to include #usaFloorball.