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Team USA to the World Championships

Updated: February 16, 2017

After a tie between Canada and USA in their second match, USA qualifies for the 2017 World Floorball Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia in December.

The 2017 World Floorball Championship Qualification event of the Americas held in Markham, Ontario, ended with USA winning the overall event.  Although Canada fought exceedingly well in the second of two matches and tied USA 6-6, it wasn’t enough since USA won the first match resoundingly.

As in the first match, the combination of Marie Häggström, Christine Lindberg and Adelia Pennisi proved an overwhelming force for the Canadians. All three ended up first on the list of top scorers for this qualifier.

When Team USA’s overall victory was confirmed, Head Coach Anne Jumppanen gave less experienced players the opportunity to exhibit while at the same time Canada put in their strongest force and hence managed to reduce the final result to a tie.