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Updated: November 30, 2021
USA vs Thailand 11.30.21

A fierce and fast start against Thailand, USA’s third game, with the stands full of spectators. The winner of the game goes onto the playoffs. USA scores first, followed by a string of four goals. Their third goal hits the back of the net during a man-down situation, Thailand’s first of two power plays within the first period. Marie Häggström (#8) had a penalty shot opportunity but it was saved by Thailand’s goalie. Back and forth play continued to be frantic until the end of the first period with USA putting in two more goals, totaling a 5-0 lead.

At the beginning of the second period, Thailand had their third power play scoring their first goal of the game. A fourth power play for Thailand allowed them to get their second goal. Once the penalty was over Thailand scored two more goals. USA led 5-4 heading into the third period with no new goals.

Within the first minute of the final period Thailand scores and ties up the game. Thailand continues to set the pace of the game and scores a 6th goal giving them their first lead in the game. Then Kajsa Krohn (#21) answers back with a key goal for USA tying the score up 6-6. Selma Johansson (#57) scores another important goal making it 7-6. Immediately followed by Michelle Linhart’s (#10) goal and a more comfortable 8-6 for USA. Thailand calls a timeout, followed by a timeout for USA. The play gets even more aggressive and but time runs out for Thailand. USA takes the win 8-6 and heads to tomorrow’s playoffs against Slovakia. 

USA goalie, Kate MacBean, plays an amazing game and posts a total of 27 saves.

Marie Häggström is awarded MVP for Team USA.


Team USA vs. Slovakia December 1st, 2021 @ 4 CET



Photo Credit: Niklas Tell