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Women’s Hard Fought Match vs. Slovakia

Updated: December 1, 2021
USA vs Slovakia 12.01.21

USA played their 4th 2021 WFC match against #5 ranked Slovakia as part of the first round of playoff games. The winner moves on to play for 9/10th place, loser plays for 11th/12th place. The last time Team USA beat Slovakia was in 2011 when they placed 9th overall, Team USA’s best placement to date.

This was a tough game as Slovakia is very skilled and had over three full lines of players, whereas USA only had two. Slovakia started the game off with a goal in under 30 seconds. Although Team USA kept the pace, Slovakia closed the first period with four unanswered goals. During the second period, Slovakia really took the lead with six additional goals. USA had some good shooting opportunities here and there but with no luck. As the third period began it, was apparent that Team USA was getting tired and Slovakia took further advantage scoring 10 more goals taking home the win 20-0.

USA posted 12 shots throughout the game. Goalkeeper, Kate MacBean (#31) recorded 23 saves. The Player of the game for Team USA was Kimberly Campbell (#41).

Team USA will go on to play Latvia and they will have one final game after that.

USA vs. Latvia

Thursday, December 2, 2021 12 CET



Photo Credit: Niklas Tell