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Women’s Under 19 at Training Camp in Abtwil, Switzerland

Updated: May 2, 2018

After months of anticipation Team USA was finally able to gather at Zurich International Airport to being their team camp.  The team’s spirits were high as the players, coaches, and chaperones began to build rapport as a team.  Zurich was not the destination for the team as they quickly traveled to Geiserwald Abtwil, Switzerland located just outside of St. Gallen. Unlike many teams who may have preferred to stay in hotels, Team USA went the unconventional route staying in a cold war bunker. The team had some trepidation regarding the unorthodox housing, but the choice of housing has proven to be a positive experience for building overall team cohesion.
Immediately after arriving, the training process began. While there are three returners from the 2016 WFC, there are some new faces as well. The training camp lasted from April 28-May 1, with practices held at St. Gallen University, and a final training session in Herisau at one of the locations for the championships. During this time players and coaches spent time getting to know each other through various team building activities and playing together through training and scrimmages. The coaching staff are very excited about this team;
“This team has had a lot challenges facing them leading up to this point. We anticipate more challenges to come, but in the end the coaching staff feel that they have come together as singular unit. There is more work to be done, but we feel the team is moving in a very positive direction leading up to the tournament.” -Coach David Crawford
The time for training has ended, and we must now focus on the task at hand. Team USA is very excited for the start of the U19 Women’s Floorball Championships. Our first match will be on May 2 at 2pm (Switzerland time) against a tough opponent in Latvia.