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What is floorball?

For a comprehensive overview of floorball and the history worldwide, see the wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floorball

Detailed (PDF Downloads from IFF) and a quick overview of rules can be found here.

What is floorball?

Floorball is fun, fast, safe and inexpensive, requiring only a stick, sneakers, shorts and a t-shirt to play. Teams consist of up to 20 players, with five field players and a goalie on the court at a time in official matches. A floorball goalie wears light padding and a mask but does not have a stick.

During practice sessions floorball can often be played three on three without goalies.

The game can be easily picked up by beginners; yet, it holds great potential for development of stick and ball handling, passing and shooting skills.

Floorball is ideal for coed and mixed age groups due to the emphasis on speed, skill and technique over physical strength. Injuries are not much of a factor because the stick is made of a lightweight (carbon or other type) fiber with a plastic blade and the ball is a plastic ball. Body and stick checking are not permitted and playing of the ball above the knee is illegal.

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