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Don’t Miss the 3v3 Street Floorball Youth Nationals!

Updated: July 17, 2021
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In addition to US Nationals in Birmingham, Alabama, we will be hosting the 3v3 Street Floorball Youth Nationals at the same time and place.

The games will be played in connection to the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex in Birmingham, AL.

This is the beginning of the Street Floorball in the US and we plan to add adults for upcoming events.

Street Floorball is played 3 on 3 with no goalies. It’s a different version of the sport and it is growing rapidly all over Europe because of the simplicity of getting teams together and the fact that is played outdoor and anywhere. This addresses our need to be able to travel with youth teams and the ability to put a team together with kids following along to watch adults.

You can sign up a full team here https://secure.esportsdesk.com/login.cfm?leagueID=29509&clientID=6519&regEventID=49189

If you know of someone who wants to play in the youth 3v3 Street Floorball Youth Nationals, please contact Daniel Williamsson at daniel.williamsson@usfba.org, and he will make sure to find a spot in a team. Anyone birth year 2006 and younger is welcome.

If you have any questions contact Daniel Williamsson at daniel.williamsson@usfba.org.