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Floorball continues to grow in the Atlantic Region

Updated: April 6, 2021
2021-04-06 EskimoBrosWinterChamps

Floorball has grown in the Atlantic Region and the traction continues. There are two facilities within 140 miles of one another, that offer two unique adult floorball programs and one youth program.

Floorball is here and it is a sport that continues to grow. It is catching the eyes and ears of youth to adult
athletes from beginner to advanced levels. Floorball is a sport that can be played almost anywhere. With
the challenges we face today, floorball has been played on sport courts, basketball courts, turf, concrete
and tennis court material. While we all have our preference of flooring, it is very accessible to anyone.
Floorball has grown in the Atlantic Region and the traction continues. There are two facilities within 140
miles of one another, that offer two unique adult floorball programs and one youth program. River City
Sports and Social Club (RCSSC) based in Richmond, VA offers floorball leagues throughout the year. This
is an adult co-ed league that has blossomed overnight. This league offers adults the opportunity to play
floorball in a competitive but friendly manner. All teams must have a co-ed roster and there is a
requirement that two females must always be on the court. While this does not follow the typical USA
floorball rules, it allows and promotes a fun, yet competitively balanced game.

There is no shortage of female players in the league. The league also has sponsors. The sponsorships help cultivate new faces and prospects to the game and league. Having bar sponsorships helps bring in a new crowd that otherwise may have never heard of the sport. RCSSC has marketed to young adults and athletes who may have children playing in the league. The sponsorships also help promote unity on the court as well
as allow the athletes the opportunity to relax and grab some food and a drink to reflect on the game afterwards. RCSSC hosts leagues for almost any sport and recently, to gain more teams for floorball, we
have been cross marketing with the football leagues. There is talent everywhere and it is a matter of just getting the word out about the game and inviting new folks to come and watch and play for free in a
scrimmage. RCSSC requires all teams to wear a shirt that is provided to each player. It displays the name of the sponsors on the back and the players are required to wear the shirt to the bar/restaurant in order
to receive discounts. When customers see teams arriving wearing these shirts, it grabs attention and generates questions and conversations that have led to customers signing up and playing in the next

River City Sports and Social League started offering floorball a few years ago. It started small with 2-3
teams. Within a matter of a few years, it has grown to hosting 10 teams a season. Through this league,
floorball is played during all 4 seasons. This allows a continuous flow for teams to develop and

Floorball RVA is a program that is also based in Richmond, VA and plays in the same facility where River
City Plays. This program is designated to target the youth in the local area. We have had success
introducing floorball to various youth ice hockey programs and teams. A few of the youth teams turned
to floorball for off ice development throughout the year. While we still have not officially created a
youth league, we do hold various pick up games and learn-to-play clinics throughout the year. It has
been a slow and steady growth, but interest does continue.

The other adult program in the Atlantic region has been together for many years and currently play at
NetSports in Morrisville, NC, just outside of Raleigh. This club is something special. The organizer, Arup,
has put together a club where both youth and adults can practice with one another and it fosters and
develops the youth. This club has been successful in generating youth involvement. However, with
Covid, it has slowed down, but from the optimism, the program should be picking back up soon.
Between Richmond and Raleigh, we tend to host scrimmages between the clubs. Since the clubs are
only a few hours from one another, we try to coordinate and visit each other 1-2 times throughout the
year. 2020 did not allow us to visit, but we do have plans for the end of August of 2021 to have a

tournament between the clubs. This local tournament will allow for 6 teams to play. Richmond will be
hosting 4 teams and Raleigh will be providing 2 teams. These local tournaments are fun and allow for a
friendly competition while also allowing youth to participate and develop their skills alongside the adults
since neither club currently has enough youth to field their own teams. These scrimmages are just for
fun and more of a learning and development opportunity.

We believe providing a fun environment allows us to develop the programs while introducing new faces
to the game. This has been the key to our success. Getting the community involved, pushing for
sponsors, and hosting local tournaments has allowed the unexpected to become interested in the game.

Contact: Atlantic Region – Michelle Walton: michelle.walton1983@gmail.com

Written by Michelle Walton

Photo: Eskimo Bros Winter 2021 Floorball Champs by River City Sports and Social Club (RCSSC)