Supporting the growth of Floorball in the United States.

From the desk of USA Floorball president Calle Karlsson

Updated: January 30, 2021
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At the International Floorball Federation General Assembly in December USA Floorball President Calle Karlsson was elected to the IFF Central Board. Now he has taken the time to clarify what that means for USA Floorball and at the same time tell us about how the IFF works and more.

I have been getting a lot of questions about what my IFF CB election means for USA Floorball and why is important since I was elected. To give a simple explanation, you need to understand what the IFF CB is and what they do. The official purpose of the IFF CB is to be a strategic level decision-making body, working with the direction of the Floorball movement globally and managing internal politics within the community. For USA Floorball this means that we can have input and be a direct part of this process. Our goal is to support all Floorball activities within the US and having direct access to the CB’s decision making can only further this progress.

Questions that might arise are why do we care about Floorball globally here in the US and shouldn’t we focus on developing Floorball in the US?

At first this seems simple enough and the short answer is yes, but USA Floorball is part of a global community. With Floorball being a relatively young sport in the US, there is massive amount of experience coming out of the EU nations. They don’t only have the experience, but also a unique set of skills we require to make the sport of Floorball professional here in the North America. There are also a lot of grassroot development programs already in the IFF that we can implement in North America, with our locally based resources to help expand the sport here.

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It’s also important that we provide our unique perspective from North America on how to grow the sport here. This pairs perfectly with the IFF growing the sport strategy 2021 – 2032. The CB will establish a special working group to plan the timetable and build the implementation plan for the IFF Strategy 2021-2032. USA Floorball should be an essential part of this strategy.

In the short term, IFF CB also has plans for ‘Strengthening the Foundations’ of Floorball during the 1st quarter of 2021. These include initiatives on how to work around COVID_19 issues and how to be active during this pandemic which is affecting all our lives and particularly the sport of Floorball.

These things listed above all will benefit North American Floorball and it is important that we provide our input on these Initiatives to this global Floorball community that we are a part of. Our goal should be to make USA Floorball an influential part of the IFF for the future.

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All of these things already mentioned seems like big picture and overall strategies. Does the CB s work on specific and smaller tasks you might wonder.

The IFF CB has a limited number of operational bodies – Athletes’ Committee (ATC); Entourage Committee (ENC); Ethics Commission (ETC); Medical Committee (MC); Referee Committee (RC); and Rules and Competition Committee (RACC).

The primary purpose of the RC and the RACC is to figure out if there is a possibility to better develop structured of these the committees are structured and how they are currently working.

The other fields of activity are organized into functions led either by a CB or IFF staff member. The functions for marketing, lobbying, and regional development are led by CB members. In addition to these, the IFF operates other functions such as development operations, equality, information, marketing operations, materials, and ParaFloorball.

The responsibilities of the committees and functions are 13 International Floorball Federation Plan of Action 2021 – 2022 allocated by the CB.

The IFF do organize the World Floorball Championships in a several categories, Men, Women, MU19, WU19 etc. But these are not all the competitions they are responsible for, IFF also have other events, such as: Euro Floorball Championships, Champions cup, etc.

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IFF became fully recognized by the IOC in 2011, which automatically made IFF members of the ARISF (Association of IOC Recognized International Sport Federations). In 2013, the IFF was accepted as member of the IWGA (International World Games Association) and in 2014 as a provisional member of the IMGA (International Master Games Association). These are huge multigame events that will help propel the sport to next level awareness.

We have The World Games in the USA 2022 and it is enormously important that we are an active part of this event. These are things that IFF can do without us but it is imperative for us to be a part of the IFF community and get directly involved with the events themselves. Needless to say but, the Olympic Games is the pinnacle of all sports events in the world and these events have a way of finding a home in the US more often then anywhere else in the world.

The question always comes back to: how we do our part and help out? The IFF CB is one important step in the right direction.

Canada has already taken the lead when it comes to hosting the World Championships and have already hosted two U19 WFCs. USA Floorball needs to learn from these events, prepare and be ready to raise to the international level of hosting world class sporting events.


There is so much more to talk about in all these areas of Floorball where the IFF and the CB are involved directly or indirectly with the game of Floorball.

I could honestly go on for days and explain all about it, but I do not think it would fit in this story.

As you can imagine there is an enormous framework to support the sport Floorball and it is ever changing environments globally and the CB is a very important part of the growth and the direction of the sport.

To summarize, there is plenty of good work coming out of North American Floorball and IFF We are looking forward to a somewhat normal 2021 where Floorball gets back to business with competitive games as usual.

Calle Karlsson, USA Floorball President

Calle Karlsson, President of USA Floorball was nominated and elected by the IFF Central Board (CB) at the IFF General Assembly (GA) Dec 12, 2020. This is a 4-year appointment and was previously held by Ron Spence from Vancouver, Canada from 2016 – 2020. This position is to represent all the North America Floorball associations (USA, Canada and Mexico) on the CB, not just the USA Floorball association.