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Gerflor will be used at the US Nationals!

Updated: June 16, 2021

IFF will be supplying professional Gerflor flooring for the US Nationals of floorball in Birmingham, Alabama at the end of August. The same flooring that will be used at The World Games 2022.

As the US Nationals will serve as the dress rehearsal for Floorball at TWG 2022 the same flooring from Gerflor will be used at both events. Gerflor is the rubberized flooring used by SSL, F-Liga, WFC and other Olympic indoor sports.

This is the premier flooring that eliminates the ball from skipping and bouncing and raise the level of speed and quality of the games. It is like getting a perfect saucer pass in hockey and you can play the ball much faster.

This will be the first time in US Floorball history that we have this floor available and once in lifetime opportunity for US players to take advantage off.

US Nationals in Birmingham, AL August 27 – 29.

You can register for the US Nationals 2021 here!