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Last Day for Regular Sign Up to the US Nationals!

Updated: July 15, 2021

Today, 15th of July, is the last day to sign up for the US Nationals for the regular fee. You will still be able to register until the end of July but at a much higher fee.

You will still be able to register up to the 31st of July but it will be considered a late sign up and the fee will then be $900.

The US Nationals will take place at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex in Birmingham, AL the 27th to 29th of August.

Register your team for the US Nationals 2021 here: https://secure.esportsdesk.com/login.cfm?leagueID=29509&clientID=6519&regEventID=49188

Our US Floorball Nationals 2021 event will serve as the dress rehearsal for Floorball at the The World Games 2022.

Read more here.

There will be a development camp on Thursday the 26th of August in the same arena, read more and sign up here!

Note you can sign up for the first ever US 3 on 3 street floorball Youth Nationals up until the 13th of August.

Register your team here: https://secure.esportsdesk.com/login.cfm?leagueID=29509&clientID=6519&regEventID=49189