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Teams USA set for the WFC 2020!

Updated: October 18, 2021
2021-10-18 USA Selected WFC2020 3-4

We are pleased to be able to announce the team that will represent USA at the World Floorball Championships in Finland in December, an important step towards the World Games.

“We have a assembled a team which is a good mix of experienced players and newcomers. We have a core that has played at the WFC before and know what kind of level is expected. As well as several players that now take the step from the U19 program to become players on the men’s team. The World Floorball Championships is a great first step for both the players individually and for the team as a whole on our journey to the World Games I Birmingham,” says head coach Joel Olofsson.

The World Floorball Championships takes place in Helsinki, Finland from the 3rd of December to the 11th of December 2021 but is still known as the 2020 WFC.

“We got a drawn into a hard group in Helsinki, but we will aim for a top two spot and to make it to the playoffs,” head coach Joel Olofsson concludes.

Team USA have been placed in group C with Poland, Thailand and Slovakia. The first game will take place on Friday the 3rd of December when USA take on Slovakia at 4:45 p.m local time. You can watch all the games on the IFF YouTube channel.

You can find the game schedule and more on the official website here.

Team USA for the 2020 WFC
Aleksi Huttunen
Alexander McVey
Axel Olson-Holm
Carl Eriksson
Case Connor
David Hansen
Derek Moser
Eric Dieckelman
Erik Haghjoo
Fabian Länzlinger
Jesse Andersson
Jonathan Mooney
Liam Wiliamsson
Maurin Rüegg
Mikko Vähä-Vahe
Reed Hearns
Samuel Hallikainen
Sebastian Stöckli
Thomas Terhonen
William Eriksson