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US Nationals 2021 – Thank you!

Updated: September 12, 2021
USA Floorball President Calle Karlsson on the left with announcer and so much more Brian Radichel.

Time for some thoughts and thanks from USA Floorball President Calle Karlsson.

Floorball has a new home in Birmingham thanks to the massive success of the 2021 US Nationals. There has never been a competitive Floorball event in the entire state of Alabama prior to this and this was the result of long-term planning and commitment from IFF, USA Floorball and The World Games (TWG).

Since Floorball is one of the sports TWG, ultimately there are many details to be ironed out about how the sport will be played at TWG. However, because we were able to have this practice run we are going to be much better prepared on a practical level and can now focus our resources on promoting Floorball and helping our sport stand out at TWG. Having been delayed several times due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are extremely pleased we were able to have such a successful event that ensures Floorball is prepared for the TWG2022 competition.

The hospitality from our hosts at TWG and the BJCC was world class. Everyone we worked with at TWG and BJCC deserves huge thanks for their preparations, as well as for taking care of any problem or issue that we encountered during our onsite visit. Special thanks to Michael McGreevey at the BJCC, Steve Mistrot from TWG, and Nicole Fyffe from TWG.

That being said, COVID-19 is unfortunately still a factor and we feel especially fortunate that we got this chance to invite and include the greater US Floorball community at the future home for Floorball at the upcoming TWG2022. We would like to thank all players and teams for traveling to Birmingham and making this event, our sport would be nothing without you.

We would also like to point out specific people who deserve recognition based on the fact that they really went above and beyond in making this event possible.

Special thanks to Brian Radichel and his family for all their help and support, both prior to the tournament and during. Brian was the event manager and also the PA announcer during the games.

Brad Lawson and Spencer stayed with us all weekend to work on our floor issues. We could not have pulled this off without their efforts and expertise in laying the floor.

FloorballPlanet provided the rinks, goals and the 3v3 street Floorball flooring and we could not have done this without their support and help. Since no Floorball club exists in the city of Birmingham, AL all this equipment had to be transported from Texas by Matt and Tara Nunez.

Special recognition to Daniel Williamson, who was the event manager for the 3v3, and family who all did an amazing job running this tournament at the same time as he coached the MU19 development team in the US Nationals.

Our social media, photos and video were provided and created beautifully by Adam Troy, Chris Medina and TWG guest videographer Hammond Reynolds.

No games can be played without our amazing USA Floorball referees and a special thanks goes to a great crew that work long days and completed 19 games day one and 7 playoff games day 2.

Referees Vince Faso, Sean Edin, Peter Saliba Gustafsson, and Tara Nuñez ran a great tournament and deserve recognition from all players and fans.

Like I said in the beginning, Floorball has a new home in Birmingham, and we now look forward to returning here in less than a year for the highly anticipated TWG2022.

Calle Karlsson, USA Floorball President