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USA Secure Spot at the World Floorball Championships!

Updated: February 9, 2019
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After defeating Canada in the second straight game USA are heading to the World Floorball Championships in Switzerland in December. The second game ended 7-1 in favor of USA.

The first period sees USA come out strong once again. It takes under three minutes for Christine Lindberg to find Michelle Linhart in front of the goal to make it 1-0 on the power play. Just over two minutes later playing coach Anne Jumppanen gets the ball to Sophia Leuma who makes it 2-0. And before the period is over Christine Lindberg and Michelle Linhart combine once again to make it 3-0 after the first.

In the second period it takes under a minute for Canada to get their first of the game. Clarissa Tipping makes it 3-1 and the Canadian side of the crowd explodes. But the Canadian joy is brief as it takes less than a minute for Christine Lindberg to make it 4-1. A few minutes later she also makes it 5-1. USA have a lot of chances but Canadian goalie Madison Brinklow makes several good saves in the second period. Canada have their chances as well but Kate MacBean is sharp in the U.S. goal.

In the beginning of the third Sophia Leuma scores again making it 6-1. The Canadians try to create pressure in the American zone but are often thwarted by American defenders, Instead Victoria Lindstrom can score the final goal of the game, 7-1. The Canadians take out their goalie to play six on five but to no avail.

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With this USA have secured a spot at the World Floorball Championships in Switzerland!