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The United States Floorball Association is the official governing body of floorball in the USA.

The United States Floorball Association is here to help support the growth of Floorball in the United States.

Floorball is an easy sport for all to learn and love!
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Gym Floors

If you don't have a readily available gym floor to start playing Floorball, finding one can sometimes be challenging. Weather you intend to find a full size court or be more flexible with your intentions, you may find that a common misconception is that the sticks risk damaging the floors. This is an understandable concern for gym owners and managers not familiar with the sport, who knows how much their gym floors cost and their main concern is to protect the floors from expensive repairs. However, the facts show that it is simply not true that the sticks excessively wears the floors or damage them.

Floorball is played on thousands gym floors, including wood floors, throughout the world and there have not been any reported damage to the floors. As opposed to other hockey type games, Floorball is made from the ground up to be played indoors on a gym floor. This also includes how the sticks are made. In IFF's material regulations you can for example read "The stick blade main construction and outermost surface is to be produced in thermoplastic materials without fillers or reinforcements such as e.g. milled fibers. This is to ensure that the blade does not damage the playing surface.".

Below are some references from institutions talking about this particular concern.


"To Those Interested in Floorball:
Floorball has been a part of the Redwood Day School community since 2007 as both an extra-curricular activity and as part of the PE curriculum. The equipment used to play the game, specifically the plastic sticks, balls, and goalie gear, has not had any damaging effect on our gym floor in the way of scuff marks, surface damage, or damage to the underlying wood flooring. Everyone at Redwood Day School is extremely enthusiastic about the success of the floorball program, and from a facilities standpoint, the equipment is easy to manage and store, and the activity has not damaged our gym floor in any way.
If you have any additional questions about floorball at RDS, or its impact on our facilities, please feel free to contact me directly.
Na'eem Salaam
Assistant Head of School for Operations
Chief Financial Officer
Redwood Day School
3245 Sheffield Avenue
Oakland, CA 94602???


"To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Craig Okazaki and I am the Manager Facility Operations within Sport and Recreation at York University. We have been hosting the Canada Cup Floorball Championship, North America's largest floorball event, every year since 2007. This year the event will take place in our facility from May 18. to 20., 2012. We are delighted to see that the tournament has grown from a small grassroots event to an international tournament featuring over sixty teams and a thousand players.
When we were approached by Floorball Canada in 2006, we were interested in hosting the event, but were concerned about the possible damage that might occur from the use of the Doorbell sticks on our cornpetition wood floors. During the tournament, all four of our hardwood gym surfaces are used to play over 200 floorball games.
The tournament players use official floorball sticks, goaltender equipment, boards and floorball goals/nets. Since we began hosting this event in 2007, we have not had any noticeable damage to the playing surfaces in any of our gyms due to the use of this equipment. We have not required to perform any post-tournament maintenance in order to restore the facility back to it's pre-event condition I would encourage you to welcome the sport at your facility and to test out the equipment on your floors for yourself. I believe you will come to the same conclusion as we have and open your facility to this growing sport.
Craig Okazaki Manager Fadlity Operations School of Kinesiology and Health Science"



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