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The United States Floorball Association is the official governing body of floorball in the USA.

The United States Floorball Association is here to help support the growth of Floorball in the United States.

Floorball is an easy sport for all to learn and love!
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USA Floorball Association membership is now handled through esportsdesk. Standard 1 year membership is $40.00. National Team players require National Team membership at $65.00. Click the link below to begin the account process and manage your membership. You can also purchase memberships for family members through this system. Memberships (except for Tournament Only membership - if available for individual tournaments) are valid for 365 days from date of purchase. Important notes:

  1. If you have an existing active membership, it will need to be manually transferred to the new system. Please send an email to zack.geiser@usfba.org with First Name, Last Name, email address and either your PayPal transaction ID or USA Floorball membership ID (these last two items are the same) and you will be given a coupon code to use when purchasing a membership on the new platform.
  2. Your email address becomes the primary identifier for your account. We suggest using a personal email account AND also making sure that if a coach invites you to a tournament through the esportsdesk system that they use the specific email email address tied to your account.
  3. Memberships (other than "tournament only") are good for one year from date of purchase.


1. Click http://login.esportsdesk.com?clientid=6519 and you will see this screen.

Screenshot 2017-11-06 08.44.47

2. Click on the Sign Up tab in the top right

Screenshot 2017-11-06 09.11.24

3. Click on the "Sign Up For You" button (you would need to do this even if you are creating membership accounts only for family members).

Screenshot 2017-11-06 09.11.33

4. Confirm your email address before submitting
5. Answer the required questions about contact, birthday, etc.
6. Look for your account confirmation email (make sure to check spam for esportsdesk.com) which will include your password.
7. Click the link in your email and login using your email and password (supplied in conformation email).
8. Once logged in, click on the membership button. (unless you need to add family members)

Screenshot 2017-11-06 08.57.10

8. Choose your membership and complete purchase (use coupon if given for existing active members before completing purchase).

If any issues arise with the use of the tool, please use the Help Desk tab at the bottom of each page.
Screenshot 2017-11-06 08.59.32


Membership is available to all regardless of age, gender or citizenship

Don't forget, the USA Floorball Association is working hard to grow the sport of floorball in the USA. That includes the following:

Extensive risk management dedicated to the safety of all participants, including research and education.

Directly supporting the 4 National Teams

  • World Championships at all levels for both men and women
  • Other international events

Official Playing Rules to provide consistency for all participants:

Youth Players

  • Mandated background screening for all adults with access to youth players
  • A focus on addressing the specific needs of female players
  • Opportunity to play in District and National Championship Tournaments
  • Opportunity to be selected for
    • Regional and National Player Development Camps and Festivals ??? Select Teams
    • National Team Development Program

Adult Players

  • Unique playing opportunities not available anywhere else, including state championships and classic USA Floorball sanctioned tournaments.
  • Access to adult skills clinics for those of all ability levels


  • Instructional training, clinics and certification to help ensure a consistent standard across the USA
  • Membership provides you the opportunity to participate in official referee clinics
  • Membership provides you the opportunity to become certified as an Official referee


  • State-of-the-art education programs, including new online, age-specific modules to ensure coaches have the most current material to assist players in reaching their full potential
  • Age-specific practice plan manuals and other numerous coaching resources.

The USA Floorball Association serves as a caretaker for the sport of Floorball in the USA, and its staff and network of volunteers across the country work diligently behind-the-scenes to organize and administer a wide variety of programs to serve all involved in the game. Your support goes further than just your membership benefits??? Your support benefits the growth of floorball in the USA at all levels. Join now to help us grow floorball.


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